Rigel Workstation Video Tutorial


The following collection of tutorial videos provides an introduction to ECRI’s Rigel Workstation software.

Click on one of the topic video links below to see a brief video tutorial on that topic.



Play all topic videos in order (163 minutes).


Frequently Asked Questions

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Topics (click to play):


Home Window (3:57)


Case Window (4:03)

Maps (2:40)

Tables (1:58)

Creating a Case (3:02)


Adding Crimes (10:44)

Scenarios (10:47)

GeoProfiling (15:09)

Reports (7:07)


Database (1:34)

Search (2:58)

Importing Data (9:26)

Exporting Data (4:40)


Custom Properties (7:26)

Preferences (6:46) 

Backup and Restore (2:30)

Temporal Analysis (3:10)


Charts (7:43)

Geocoding (6:22)

Persons/Suspects (5:20)

Linkage Analysis (9:17)


Linkage Factors (12:34)

Matrix Linkage (6:51)

Bayesian Linkage (16:30)

Localization (3:52)

Help, Support & Updates (5:25)




Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn more about geographic profiling?

Where can I learn more about linkage analysis?

How does Rigel Workstation compare to Rigel Analyst?

How can I back up and restore my Rigel Workstation database?

How can I Undo an action in Rigel Workstation?



Captions and Other Languages

You can optionally display text captions for the video tutorials in English or another language. To enable captions while playing a video tutorial, either click the CC button below the video frame (if present), or else click the pop-up button to  the lower right of the video frame and select CC from the pop-up list. If existing captions are available, you can select from the available languages (click the left arrow next to CC to select options if using the pop-up button), If there are no existing captions you can select Transcribe Audio to create automatic English captions. When captions are available in any one language, you can select Translate Captions to enable automatic translation of the captions to another language.



Chinese Version

GP Introduction (0:35)


Rigel Workstation  (33:18) (Chinese)